Providing people with technologies that support oral health requires an understanding of how the oral cavity functions and what those functions contribute to quality of life and wellness. We eat, drink, breathe and speak with our mouth. We also get sick, suffer and sometimes die if our mouth is dysfunctional and diseased.

Research has established a direct link between oral health and general health, confirming the need to integrate specific oral care objectives into therapeutic pathways employed to treat and manage chronic disease. With the ever-increasing rise in medical care costs and the implementation of the ACA, innovative preventative therapies have been prioritized and incentivized in an effort to provide better care at reduced cost. Better oral care demonstrably decreases care costs and improves both therapy benefits and quality of life.

Comprehensive oral care can only be achieved if it is continuous. The conventional brush, floss and rinse guidance provided by the dental industry does not address the objectives identified by the leading opinion leaders in the health care field. Oral oncologists, radiologists, rheumatologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists and most other specialists are in need of effective solutions to problems that originate and compound in the oral cavity. For example, the leading causes of death among seniors is pneumonia and malnutrition, both directly linked to poor oral health.

MedActive’s core therapeutic rational is patient-centered, meaning we recognize that the patient must be proactive - because management of the oral environment must be continuous. The mouth operates around the clock. Mucosal dehydration, salivary dysfunction, bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, infection, demineralization, tooth sensitivity and pain are in play and progressive in the “at-risk” mouth. In addition, the danger posed by the migration of pathogenic oral bacteria to systemic health is recognized by providers as a major risk factor and a significant driver of increased care costs. The research evidence substantiates that oral health must be managed around the clock. Therefore, patient adherence is a must. Without it, effective oral health management is not attainable. Taste and mouthfeel, hedonic qualities, along with diversity of delivery options, are basic requirements to support patient adherence. In retail market terms, adherence supports brand loyalty and repeat purchase. MedActive’s first line of care technologies includes commercially available, OTC, rinses, sprays, lozenges, gels, dental floss and toothpaste. Additional technologies, including gum, supplements, powders, gels and lozenges, are in the developmental pipeline. Rx applications are also being developed.

The Continuum™ Oral Hydration Protocol offers providers and their patients the tools needed to provide comprehensive care around-the-clock. Composed of rinses, gels, lozenges and sprays, the Continuum™ has achieved distribution in both retail and healthcare channels. It is the only oral care armamentarium available which meets the care objectives required by a broad spectrum of providers. It is the gold standard of oral care today and, as such, lays claim to owning the category.

Donald E. Mackey

Chief Executive Officer
Integrate Oral Care, LLC